To Do List

This is simple To Do List app build to learn and explore Room database, DataStore, flow and Material Motion following MVVM architecture. Task has checkbox representing completion state, name and importance state image.

This project is an example app and is not intended for production use.


  • Search for tasks
  • Create task
  • Edit task
  • Hide completed tasks
  • Sort by name
  • Sort by date
  • Delete all tasks

Technologies and tools used

  • Kotlin
  • Room Database
  • DataStore
  • Dagger Hilt
  • Navigation Component
  • View Binding
  • Material Motion System


  1. Clone the repository
git clone
  1. Open the project in Android Studio
  2. Build and run the app on an emulator or device


This project is open to contributions. Feel free to submit pull requests with bug fixes or new features.

What can be improved

  • Add new Material Motion Animations
  • Add Bottom App Bar


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