Design Server | Simple server to design items, entities or more

About this project/server:

This server uses json files to model items, entities and more.
With simple commands, you can then display them on the server.

From the Json files can then be created with the combination of a Gradle plugin, automated classes.
Thus, it is possible to work with content creator and developer parallel and hand in hand.

Based on:



Simple stick with a custom model:

  "fileName": "BottleOfDesign",
  "className": "BottleOfDesign",
  "name": "§9BottleOfDesign | 1/3 Gefüllt",
  "packageName": "",
  "amount": 1,
  "material": "minecraft:stick",
  "lore": [
    "§9Das ist eine tolle Flasche von Steffen"
  "meta": {
    "customModelData": 1,
    "damage": 0,
    "itemFlags": [
    "enchantments": [
        "enchantment": "minecraft:efficiency",
        "level": 255
    "attributes": [
        "uuid": "2AD3F246-FEE1-4E67-B886-69FD380BB150",
        "internalName": "justATest",
        "attribute": "generic.armor",
        "operation": "ADDITION",
        "value": 10.0,
        "slot": "HEAD"

Field description:

Field Name Description
fileName File name of the .kt/java file
className Class name in kotlin or java
name Name means the display name
packageName Means the package name for generation
amount Means the amount of this item
material Means the material name since 1.17.1
lore Allows to define the lore, supports § chars for colors
meta Means about the metadata from a item
meta.customModelData Means the id of the custom model at the resource pack
meta.damage Means the damage they have a item
meta.itemFlags Allows to hide some information’s from a item
meta.enchantments.enchantment The name about the enchantment
meta.enchantments.level The level for the enchantment
meta.attributes.uuid The needed uuid for the attribute
meta.attributes.internalName The internal name for the attribute
meta.attributes.attribute The attribute that’s be used
meta.attributes.operation The attribute operation that used for the attribute
meta.attributes.value The value for the attribute
meta.attributes.slot The slot for the attribute


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