Script Block is a mod for minecraft 1.7.10. Provides a script block that can be executed in a specific situation, as well as a set of tools. Make a new dir named ScriptBlockData and put all of your json (or json 5) in it. If you would like use Json5, you should a Lib With Pineapple Psychic, or all of Json5 file will skip. The text see Norms


Primary Name: /script Other Name:/scb, /sc The primary name and other name are same command.

parameters reload – Reload from dir. set [File Name] – Set a script from the name of file into a Chapter Of Record. block – Get a Script Block. run <Player Name> [File Name] – Run a script to a player.


Script parsing relies on a stricter specification, which look like an interpreted language with strict specifications. The mod parser will and will only parse lists and strings (numbers are automatically escaped when parsed, and exceptions are thrown for content that cannot be escaped.) The parser tries to parse small lists in one list, which means that you must use two lists even if you have only one content. Look like this:

    "say", "Hello", "World!"

When this script is triggered, it will send “Hello World!” to the server’s players. ”。 This is explained when interpreting the “@Command” keyword.


Other name:@SetVar

The keyword takes “@Set” should two parameters, like this:

  "@Set", "Test",

The above content stores the variable “Test” to the variable pool and declares the content string “Hello! ”。 When we need to deposit a number? Please use decimals for easy parser understanding. Like this:

  "@Set", "TestNumber",

Good. So knowing that it will be stored in the variable pool, how do you get the data from the variable pool? The character “%” helps us get the variable, and the variable can be passed to another variable, as demonstrated below:

  "@Set", "AnotherTestNumber",

This way we pass the value of “TestNumber” to the new variable “AnotherTestNumber”.

Of course, there are some magic parameters here, using the character “&” to declare a magic parameter to get some in-game data.

Method name content purpose
&Player get the name of the player who triggered it
&World Get the world name
&Health Get the player’s Health
&Hunger get the player Hunger Level
&Item Get items in the player’s hands
&Lv Get player level
&Random Get random numbers between 0-100

Calculation Group

Calculations Group can be inserted in most places, such as @Set. Here’s an example of the operation:

  "@Set", "AnotherTestNumber",
  "%TestNumber", "10.0"

When this entry is parsed, the value of the variable “AnotherTestNumber” will be the result of “TestNumber + 10.0”.

A variable arithmetic group requires a two-bit argument, both of which support strings, variables, or another arithmetic set using numeric form.

@Add keyword are used to declare the addition of two digits. @Min keyword are used to declare two-digit subtraction. @Mul keyword are used to multiply two-digit numbers. @Exc keyword are used to declare a two-digit division.

Judgment handle Use keyword @If state a judgment that parameters allow strings, variables, and arithmetic groups. The next bit of the @If requires access to a judgment form:

@Is keyword are used to determine that the content of two parameters is the same. @IsNot keyword are used to determine the content of two parameters. @Greater keyword are used to determine that the first parameter is greater than the second parameter. @Less keyword are used to determine that the first parameter is less than the second parameter.

// SomeFile.json5

  "@If", "@Is",
  "%Test", "Hello!",
  ["@Set", "Test", "True!"], // If true, run this.
  ["@Set", "Test", "False!"] // If false, run this.
// ...

The above script will return True, and the value of Test will be set to “True!” .

@Command let’s provide a directive. Remember the first script? Take it:

    "say", "Hello", "World!"

@Command keyword outputs a command. How do we usually output a piece of command? Like /say, output Hello World! ,We should write it like this: ‘/say Hello World!’ Whether it’s for Minecraft’s command interpreter or our script interpreter, this command will be divided into three sections: say, Hello, World!. The same is true if the command takes parameters. Filling these three paragraphs separately into the list of declared @Command will eventually be flattened into one paragraph. **Please note that do not provide spaces in the string. ** The sending identity of this instruction will be the console (equivalent to the command block). @Command keywords can be declared in the @If handle as a judgment task, and no operations are accepted in @Command, but the “%” keyword can be used to declare some magic variables and your variable pool variables. We have “Test” in our variable pool, so “%Test” is provided here. About @Command The available magic variables are shown in the table:

variable name content
%Player returns the name of the player that triggered it
%World Returns the name of the current world
%pos return coordinates (x y z)
%PlayerPos returns the player’s coordinates (x y z)


Items in mods can all be found in the Creative Inventory ‘s MISC.

  • Script Blocks: Script blocks are the core of this mod and need to be operated with other items.
  • Chapters of Record: Chapters of Record obtained by using instructions to be obtained by copying blank chapters can be used. Right-click the script square to fill (or overwrite) the script content.
  • Chapter Of Void: Right-click a script square with non-empty content to copy the content and turn it into a chapter of record.
  • Broom Of Void: Right-clicking on a block will clean the skin of the script block within the ‘333′ range, initializing its image.
  • Touch Of Paint: Right-click on a non-scripted block to get a map of the block, and right-click on the scripted block to camouflage.
  • Snoop Of Eye: Check the script contents of the script block.
  • Heart Of Block: Scripts that execute script blocks directly regardless of trigger form, if any.
  • Sound Of Harmony: Change the way script blocks are triggered. There are four states: Off, Stampede Trigger, Right Hit Trigger, Stampede or Right Hit (Mixed).


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