A simple implementation of swipe card like StreetView!!


Swipeable Card is on Google Play!!!

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See video demo here

Credit Card!!

In collaboration with cooltechworks and CreditCardView

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Maps Card

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Swipe to Dismiss

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New Floating Action Button!!!

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Possibility to use SwipeableCard in RecyclerView!!!

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Swipeable Card is pushed to JCenter, so you just need to add the following dependency to your build.gradle.

compile 'it.michelelacorte.swipeablecard:library:2.3.0'

In alternative you can use AAR repository with:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "https://dl.bintray.com/michelelacorte/maven/" }


And add this dependecies

compile 'it.michelelacorte.swipeablecard:library:[email protected]'



Android API 14+


project maintained



  • Credit Card added!! (See Preview)
  • Credit Card in RecyclerView
  • Swipe up/down functionality (automatic and swipe gesture mode)
  • Added isAutoAmination attribute
  • Update support library to latest version 23.2.1
  • Update documentation to 2.3.0
  • Update version 1.2 of Application Demo
  • Fixed RecyclerView duplicate menĂ¹ item in multiple marker mode maps
  • Added Codacy code review and fixed some issue (from B to A level see Codacy Badge)


  • Maps Fragment added (with many method see Preview)!
  • Maps mode in RecyclerView SwipeableCard
  • Maps single marker mode and multiple marker mode support
  • Improved hierarchy type of Card
  • Improved Builder() constructor
  • Fixed issue in OptionViewAdditional
  • Added documentation to GitHub repo: Here
  • Version 1.1 of Application Demo


  • Added Attribute to XML (see Attribute Table)
  • New version of App demo (release on Play Store)
  • Multiple instance of SwipeableCard in the same class with init(..) method (see Multiple Instance)
  • Improved SwipeableCard class
  • Improved OptionView and OptionViewAdditional and other class with annotations and more bug fix
  • Swipe to dismiss function added (see Preview)
  • Fixed RecyclerView blinking


  • Support all custom CardView Layout!!!
  • Improved RecyclerView animation
  • Fab button added
  • Fixed minor bug for compatibility with API 14+
  • Added three ImageView button (see Customization)
  • Added two TextView (see Customization)
  • Added method setCardRadius(int radius) default 4


  • Support API 14+
  • Update support library and gradle


  • Support API 21+
  • Added class SwipeableCard.java for setUp view of Swipeable Card.
  • Added class OptionView.java that contains setter for set-up card with your own options.
  • Added class SwipeableCardAdapter.java an adapter ready to use the Swipeable Card in RecyclerView, its constructor accepts List<OptionView> for each optionsView of card and Context.
  • Added interface AnimationCard with abstract method for animation (for completeness only).
  • Added method setOptionView(OptionView optionViews) called by OptionView class for set-up card with your own options.
  • Added example App.

Method called by OptionView.getOptionView()

  • Added method getDuration()
  • Added method getTitle()
  • Added method getColorTitle()
  • Added method getMenuItem()
  • Added method getImage()
  • Added method getSubTitle()
  • Added method getColorToolbar()
  • Added method getText()
  • Added method getToolbarListener()
  • Added method isSubTitle() check if Sub Title is set
  • Added method isMenuItem() check if menuItem is set
  • Added method isImage() check if Image is set
  • Added method isText() check if Text is set

Method called by OptionView.Builder()

  • Added method setDuration(long duration) default is 500 millis
  • Added method toolbarListener(Toolbar.OnMenuItemClickListener toolbarListener) for set-up the menĂ¹ item on click
  • Added method title(String title) default is empty
  • Added method colorTitle(int color) default is black
  • Added method menuItem(int menuItem) default there isn't a menu
  • Added method image(int image) for set drawable image
  • Added method subTitle(String subTitle) default isn't set
  • Added method toolbarColor(int color) default is transparent
  • Added method text(String text)for set custom text
  • Added method build() for build swipeable card with custom configuration