The Bill Calculator is a simple Android app developed using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose. It allows users to calculate the tip amount and the overall bill amount based on the bill amount and tip percentage they input. Additionally, the app provides features to round up the bill and divide it among a specified number of people. Users can also easily share the results with others via text or as a screenshot.


Main Screen

Share Bill


  • Calculate tip and total bill amount.
  • Round up the bill to the nearest whole number.
  • Split the bill among multiple people.
  • Share the bill details via text or as a screenshot.

What I’ve Learned

✔ State and State Hoisting

✔ ViewModels

✔ Sharing Data with Other Apps

LiveData vs. StateFlow

collectAsState() vs. collectAsStateWithLifecycle

✔ Using Logcat and Debugger


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