Quick Pay

Quick Pay – QPay for short – is a simple use case for a Fintech app for Onboarding new customers and providing Services, built entirely with Compose Multiplatform. This cross-platform project is considered a use case for unifying & providing financial services on both Android and iOS platforms while leveraging the power of Native.

Targeted Platforms For Now

  • Android Platform
  • iOS Platform


Tech & Libs Used Until Now

The project used the following:

Resources & Projects Until Now

Here are some projects that I found helpful when building this project:

  • Moko Sharing resources Demo by the great Phillip Lackner.
  • Music App by Abdulbasit, thank you so much!

UI Credits

The great app UI design is from QPay on Behance, by the talented Designer Alaa.

What’s Next?

The remaining screens appears on the app UI design on the shared Behance link on the credit section is built and ready, only waiting for some clean up.

The following features is coming, feel free to contribute!

  • Camera For Capturing ID and Identity Verification : Currently the app is asking for Camera permission successfully on both platforms, but the camera feature itself is not implemented yet.
  • Login Screen for exited users.
  • QR Code Scanner to support Scan To Send Money for both Android & iOS.

Final words!

I really hope you find this repository helpful, if so, don’t forget to give a star ⭐️!

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