A simple application to explain, clarify and visualize the basics of computer network security.

Extra Information:

Octopus app is a dual-use application for computer students, because:

Firstly: it explains the basics of cryptography, as well as the method of converting text to binary and vice versa. Secondly: It is an open source application, and therefore the benefit can be taken from the code used in building and developing the application.

It consists of 6 main layouts, namely:

  • Splash screen: a temporary layout that shows the application logo + the application name in binary.

  • Main screen: in which cryptography, conversion and other operations take place.

  • Documentation layout: it contains a simplified explanation of the application.

  • Information layout: It contains simplified information about the application and the application developer.

  • Explanation layout: it contains an explanation of the ciphers and conversion methods.

  • Visualisation layout: It contains actual visualizing of the cryptography and conversion process.


    Screenshot_20230818_054427_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054434_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054449_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054500_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054523_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054528_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054533_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054556_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054601_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054608_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_055521_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054620_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054633_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054645_com qco octopusapp

    Screenshot_20230818_054711_com qco octopusapp

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