Detailing about the data provided (Data Visualization Application):
• In the application, the data provided in the CSV is used for the Scatter plot creation.
• The data can be changed though as needed and the scatter plot will then be extended further.
• About the Scatter plot:

  • Numbers of passengers are marked according to the Flight Number.
  • Size is according to the cost associated (Smallest is cheapest and biggest is the most costly).
  • Airlines have been classified with the help of Texture
  • Ratings are differentiating according to the shade (lighter shade is the least rated and darker is the highest rated).
  • All the flights that are under the same flight type are given a connection amongst them.
  • Seat % is classified according to the area based on the percentage of seats associated with that specific category of seats
    • All the details about the Scatter Plot are already provided in the application as well. So, that usears can understand the data easily.
    • More data can be used and that will be updated in the backend for the application.
    • For now, we are able to see the graph according to the data provided in the static data.


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