What is YANA?

Yet Another Note App is a simple android note app made with the latest android libraries, including Jetpack Compose, Dagger Hilt and Room. The project was inspired by the clean architecture note app created by Phillipp Lackner found here The project began by following the clean architecture note app tutorial and then expanding on the app with new features, designs and optimisations.

What can YANA do?

YANA can be used for taking simplistic but customisable notes on any Android device above version 5.0. The main features include

  • Note creation and editing
  • Wide range of note background and text colours
  • Sorting filters and searching to help you find specific notes out of thousands
  • Note size adjustment
  • Archive for deleted notes giving you extra safety for those notes you did not mean to remove
  • Read only feature in settings for extra safety if you only want to read and not edit
  • Autosave and save on back press to make sure your notes are always up to date – Settings are available to disable this
  • Font and theme selection for more customisation


NoteSortingAndEditing NoteThemesAndFonts

Where can I get YANA?

Currently, YANA is not available to download anywhere other than in this repository. There is a planned Google Play release in the near future To install YANA from this repository, download the latest release APK and use an APK manager to find the apk in your files and dowload the app

What is the future like for YANA?

YANA may receive future updates, however, the project was initally created in order to learn Modern Android Development and so it is not a priority project. The code is open source so anyone may adapt it for their own uses if they are unsatisfied with its current development

Is there anyway I can support this project and its developer?

Yes! If you like this project then you can support in two main ways

  • Give this project a star! Stars are awesome!
  • Donate to my Ko-fi page and buy me a coffee tea! Once this project is published onto google play, you can also support me by leaving a review


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