This repository was created for a git workshop for advanced users. The project contains a rest server that returns documentation for some git commands. This Readme also includes the tasks, participants should solve.

Tasks (Part 1)

  1. Use commit amend to fix the spelling mistake in the commit message of the last commit on branch “main”
  2. Cherry-Pick the two commits from the branch “feature/1” onto the main
  3. Reset the branch “feature/1” onto the main
  4. Rebase the branch “feature/2” onto the main
  5. Merge “feature/2” into the main
  6. Rebase the branch “feature/3” onto the main and fix the conflicts
  7. Merge the branch “feature/3” into the main

Tasks (Part 2)

  1. Create a new (bare) repository (in github) and push your local repository there
  2. Find out, who pushed the secret key into the repo and when (what commit)
  3. Install git-filter-repo and use it to purge the secret key from the repo
  4. Use filter-repo to change the wrong mail address “[email protected]” and replace it with “[email protected]
  5. Push the changes


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