A plugin that makes text display, supporting PlaceholderAPI!



/textdisplay help - Shows help message
/textdisplay create <name> <x> <y> <z> <text> - Create a text display
/textdisplay info <name> - Get info about display
/textdisplay set <name> <property> <value> - Edit a text display(text, scale, shadow, background, etc...)
/textdisplay delete <name> - Delete a text display
/textdisplay reload - Reload texts from config file

Details about /textdisplay set

Property Description
text you can change the text here
position position of the text
rotation rotation of the text
updateInterval the interval the text should be updated(set to 0 to disable this)
scale scale(refer to minecraft display transformation)
translation translation(refer to minecraft display transformation)
leftRotation left rotation(refer to minecraft display transformation)
rightRotation right rotation(refer to minecraft display transformation)
billboard the billboard option in text display
alignment the alignment of the text
defaultBackground whether or not to show text background
seeThrough sets if the text should be seen through a block
shadow whether or not to show text shadow
lineWidth width per line

Advanced editing

You can see all texts in plugins/TextDisplay/texts folder. You can change the files and run /textdisplay reload


All commands have permission starting with textdisplay.command

Command Permission
/textdisplay textdisplay.command
/textdisplay help textdisplay.command.help
/textdisplay create textdisplay.command.create
/textdisplay set textdisplay.command.set
/textdisplay delete textdisplay.command.delete
/textdisplay reload textdisplay.command.reload
/textdisplay info textdisplay.command.info


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