A plugin that adds waystones to your server, allowing players to teleport between them.

This plugin is designed for survival servers, adding WayStones that are well-balanced for the gameplay, requiring many expensive resources to build and initialise.

cool design

The WayStone creates particle effects and low frequency portal sounds effect when players are nearby.

How To Build

  1. Start by creating a 3 by 3 base made out of crying obsidian.
  2. Then place 4 Deepslate Brick Slabs like so.
  3. Place a Lodestone in the middle of the slabs.
  4. Place a Deepslate Brick Wall on top of the Lodestone.
  5. Then place another Lodestone on top of the wall.
  6. Finally, right-click the wall with an End Crystal and feel the power of the WayStone ?


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