Healthify – Calorie Tracker App

Healtify is a native android app which allows the user to track the amout of Calories they are consuming. It not only tracks the calories but also shows how much of fat, protein and carbs they have consumed and how much they should be doing.

The calorie requirement for each user in calculated by taking user data such as height, weight, activity level by the on boarding screen. The it shows a dash board where the data is displayed via easy to under stand visual graphs.

The app is made entirely using Kotlin and the UI is made using Jetpack compose. The app is made using clean architecture and MVVM architecture. Some of the android apis that are used are : –

  1. Retrofit – to load food data from open food api
  2. Room – to store data locally
  3. preference datastore – to store user information
  4. viewModels
  5. coroutines, etc


Clone the project from android studio after enabling VCS, and click on the run button




  • Philipp Lackner for the app idea
  • Open food api


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