Antimine - Minesweeper

Antimine is a minesweeper-like puzzle game. The objective is to flag the spaces with mines to make the field a safer place without exploding any of them.

You win the game when you've flagged every mine in the minefield. Be careful not to trigger one!


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You can build from source code by running:

git clone [email protected]:lucasnlm/antimine-android.git
cd antimine-android

./gradlew assembleRelease$ANDROID_JRE

Where ANDROID_JRE is the Java runtime provided by Android Studio.


  • No guessing algorithm
  • Game levels: begginner, intermediate, expert and custom
  • Game statistics
  • Android Wear OS support
  • Dark and custom themes support
  • Save/Resume state when quit/resume game
  • Resume previous games
  • Retry failed games
  • Put flag on long press or double click
  • Put question mark on double long press
  • Open multiple areas by long pressing the numbers
  • Game assistant to auto-flag discovered mines
  • Share game
  • App shortcuts
  • Split screen
  • Assessability: adjustable touch area
  • Assessability: screen reader