This library is heavily inspired by the original ShowcaseView library.

Since Google introduced the Material design philosophy I have seen quite a few apps with a nice clean, flat showcase view (the Youtube app is a good example). The only library out there however is the original one. This was a great library for a long time but the theming is now looking a bit dated.




Add the jitpack repo to your your project's build.gradle at the end of repositories


allprojects {
	repositories {
		maven { url "" }

Then add the dependency to your module's build.gradle:


compile 'com.github.deano2390:MaterialShowcaseView:1.2.0'

NOTE: Some people have mentioned that they needed to add the @aar suffix to get it to resolve from JitPack:

compile 'com.github.deano2390:MaterialShowcaseView:[email protected]'

How to use

This is the basic usage of a single showcase view, you should check out the sample app for more advanced usage.

	// single example
	new MaterialShowcaseView.Builder(this)
		.setDismissText("GOT IT")
		.setContentText("This is some amazing feature you should know about")
		.setDelay(withDelay) // optional but starting animations immediately in onCreate can make them choppy
		.singleUse(SHOWCASE_ID) // provide a unique ID used to ensure it is only shown once
	// sequence example            
	ShowcaseConfig config = new ShowcaseConfig();
	config.setDelay(500); // half second between each showcase view

	MaterialShowcaseSequence sequence = new MaterialShowcaseSequence(this, SHOWCASE_ID);


		"This is button one", "GOT IT");

		"This is button two", "GOT IT");

		"This is button three", "GOT IT");


Why Jitpack

Publishing libraries to Maven is a chore that takes time and effort. allows me to release without ever leaving GitHub so I can release easily and more often.