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A light-weight and easy-to-use Audio Visualizer for Android

A light-weight and easy-to-use Audio Visualizer for Android

Audio Visualizer

A light-weight and easy-to-use Audio Visualizer for Android using the Android Canvas.


Blob Blast
Blob Blast
Wave Bar
Wave Bar

Available Visualizers:

  • BlobVisualizer - Gives blob like effect, good for low bpm audio
  • BlastVisualizer - Gives a blast like effect, very random, good for high bpm audio
  • WaveVisualizer - Gives a nice wave like effect, good for all kinds of audio
  • BarVisualizer - Gives the contemporary bar effect, good for all kinds of audio


Note: Use of the visualizer requires the permission android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO so add it to your manifest file. Also for Android 6.0 and above you will need request permission in runtime.

Check out the Sample app, to see how its implemented.

  • This library is available on JCenter. To use it, add the following to build.gradle
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.gauravk.audiovisualizer:audiovisualizer:0.9.1'
  • Add the com.gauravk.audiovisualizer.visualizer.BlastVisualizer to your XML Layout file:
  • Get the reference to this view in you Java Class
        //get reference to visualizer
        mVisualizer = findViewById(R.id.blast);

        //TODO: init MediaPlayer and play the audio
        //get the AudioSessionId from your MediaPlayer and pass it to the visualizer
        int audioSessionId = mAudioPlayer.getAudioSessionId();
        if (audioSessionId != -1)

Alternatively, you can pass the raw audio bytes to the visualizer

        //get reference to visualizer
        mVisualizer = findViewById(R.id.blast);

        //TODO: get the raw audio bytes
        //pass the bytes to visualizer

Now, release the visualizer in your onDestroy() or onStop()

    protected void onDestroy() {
        if (mVisualizer != null)

If you want to hide the view upon completion of the audio, use

            //TODO: check for completion of audio eg. using MediaPlayer.OnCompletionListener()
            if (mVisualizer != null)

Similarly, include other visualizer


attr Description
avType Changes the Visualization type - outline or fill. (N/A for Bar Visualizer)
avColor Defines the color that is used in the visualizer
avDensity Sets the density of the visualization between (0,1)
avSpeed Defines the speed of the animation - slow, medium and fast
avGravity Updates position of the visualizers - top and bottom (N/A for Blob and Blast Visualizers)
avWidth Describes the width of the line if avType is outline, in case of Bar Visualizer, defines width of the bar