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Library for drawing app canvas with features like undo redo, color & transperency change, Integrated into your app easily.

Look at it's working demo on Playstore.


  • Size , transperancy and color manipulation of brush
    -- Using setSizeForBrush(), setBrushAlpha() and setBrushColor() respectively
  • Undo and Redo fucntionality available
    -- Using undo() and redo() respectively
  • Using erase() function to match the background color to the brush color
  • Clear canvas feature
    -- Using clearDrawingBoard()
  • Getter methods to get the current values of the attribute and also the drawing itself.


Watch the explaination on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnm3SI_OIko


How to use

You can refer to this Video:


OR Follow these steps:

Step 1. Add this maven dependency to your build.gradle (project) file / settings.gradle for new version

allprojects {
		repositories {
			maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

Step 2. Add the dependency to your build.gradle (app) file

dependencies {
           implementation 'com.github.Miihir79:DrawingCanvas:1.1.2'

Step 3. Add the XML code



Step 4. Refrence the canvas in XML to use it's functions

    drawing_view.setBrushAlpha(120)// values from 0-255
    drawing_view.setSizeForBrush(12) // takes value from 0-200
    drawing_view.erase(Color.WHITE) // give the color same as the background color
    //getter methods
    val alpha = drawing_view.getBrushAlpha() // returns INT
    val brushSize = drawing_view.getBrushSize() // returns INT
    val brushColor = drawing_view.getBrushColor() // returns INT
    val drawing = drawing_view.getDrawing() // returns ArrayList<CustomPath>(); where CustomPath(var color:Int , var brushThickness:Int, var alpha:Int)


Explanation Parameter Name Type Values
Set Brush Color setBrushColor() color any color
Set Brush Alpha setBrushAlpha() Int 0-255
Set Brush Size setSizeForBrush() Int 0-200
Set eraser color erase() color any color

Demo of all the functions


This function takes the value from 0-255. You can check it's implementation here:


This function takes any color as an input. You can check it's implementation here:

Link for the color picker: https://github.com/Dhaval2404/ColorPicker


This function takes any value from 0-200 as an input. You can check it's implementation here:

undo and redo

These functions can undo and redo your strokes. You can check it's implementation here:


This function clears all the strokes and clear the drawing board. But carefully you wont be able to undo this change! You can check it's implementation here:


This functions returns Integer value of alpha of the brush which will be in the range of 0-255.


This function returns Integer value of the size or thickness of the brush.


This function returns Integer value of the color of the brush.


This function returns an entire arraylist of customPath where CustomPath(var color:Int , var brushThickness:Int, var alpha:Int). Here color is the brush color , brushThickness is the width or the size of the brush and alpha is the transperancy. This is useful to store the entire drawing in high resolution or to share it.

That's it!

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Author and contributions:

Mihir Shah has made this library and will maintain it.

All contributions are welcomed!