A PixelFlut tool which paints the given text to the canvas.

It connects to a running Pixelflut server, renders the text with a given font and sends it to the Canvas.

Commandline parameters


java -jar /app/pixeljet.jar --host 123.456.789.123 Text

docker run ghcr.io/poeschl/pixeljet --host 123.456.789.123 Text

To get a programmatic argument help use --help as parameter.


The text to display, multiple lines are possible with \n.

--host <host>

Specify the host of the targeted Pixelflut server. (Default: localhost)

-p, --port <port>

Specify the port of the targeted Pixelflut server. (Default: 1234)

-d, --debug

Enables the debugging log output


The X offset of the text (Default: 0)


The Y offset of the text (Default: 0)


The name of a font installed on your system. If not available all available fonts are outputted. (Default: Arial)


The font size in pt (Default: 16)


The application can also be run as docker container.

To execute the docker container run docker run ghcr.io/poeschl/pixeljet <commandline parameters>. For own font files, the files must be availabe in the container.


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