CiceroneFlows - library for simple subnavigation (e.g. instagram like tabs) with Cicerone.


allprojects {
	repositories {
	    maven { url '' }

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.aradxxx:ciceroneflows:$latestVersion'


FlowCicerone provides different instances of Cicerone wherever an independent navigation flow is necessary:
activity, flow fragments and flow fragment container.

FlowRouter provides several additional methods for working with subnavigation:

  1. Use standart methods for current flow navigation (for example router.navigateTo(screen)).
  2. Use overloaded methods for navigation on a specific flow (for example router.navigateTo("Tab1", screen)).
  3. Use overloaded methods with empty tag for navigation in activity stack (for example router.navigateTo("", screen)).
  4. Use switch command for switch current flow router.switch("Tab2").