A simple Kotlin Multiplatform library for fetching link details like Title, Description, Icon and OG Image effortlessly based on Ktor for fetching HTML from provided URL and Ksoup for parsing Meta Data. The usecase of this library could be seen in Social Media and Messaging Apps. MetaProve KMP currently supports Android & iOS only.

For Native Android Check MetaProbe

A sample usage is also provided in code along with the design most social media apps use.

Add following dependency to your shared module gradle file and make sure mavenCentral() is added in repositories in your settings.gradle file.


Also add the following dependency in androidMain block under dependencies section/block in order for app to work on android. Update client version from ktor engines page. (I haven’t yet figured out, why it is needed for android)


You can use this library in Coroutines or via Callback method (without managing any Coroutine or Thread).

With Coroutine Suspend Method:

            .apply {
                    HttpClient(Android) {
                        engine {
                            connectTimeout = 100_000
                            socketTimeout = 100_000
                onSuccess = {
                    isLoading.value = false
                    probedData.value = it
                onFailure = {
                    isLoading.value = false

Fold here is just an Convinience Extension Method of Kotlin Result Class, so you can also use it without it.

For Callback Method Use this code:

  .probeLink(object : OnMetaDataProbed {
    override fun onMetaDataProbed(pb: Result<ProbedData>) {
        isLoading.value = false
        Log.d(TAG, "onMetaDataProbed: $pb")
        Log.d(TAG, "onMetaDataProbed: ${pb.getOrNull()?.title}")
        Log.d(TAG, "onMetaDataProbed: ${pb.getOrNull()?.icon}")
        Log.d(TAG,"onMetaDataProbed: ${pb.getOrNull()?.description}")
        probedData.value = pb.getOrNull()

You can remove setClient as it is not necessary and only needed when you want to cutomise your HTTPClient, for example for logging etc.

ProbedData is the class returned in result which contains the actual values of Title, Description, Icon and OGImage.


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