Machete is a gradle plugin that attempts to optimize the size of output JARs through both individual file optimizations and overall compression increases inspired by the Detonater project.

Simply applying the plugin should be enough to apply any optimizations in a standard environment, as it will collect output JARs that are known to be usable artifacts and optimize them after the build task.


  • JSON files are minimized by reading+writing through GSON, which strips any whitespace.
  • PNG files are run through the Oxipng project on maximum compression
  • Nested JAR files are unpacked and have the same optimizations run on them
  • The final result is then compressed with DEFLATE level 9, providing modest overall compression (bytecode doesn’t compress well unfortunately)

More optimizations are planned as well, such as XML minification


Machete is available on the gradle plugin portal under io.github.p03w.machete, simply apply the plugin to your project, and it should work immediately.

plugins {
	id 'io.github.p03w.machete' version '1.0.3'


To configure the plugin, use the machete block. This allows you to

  • Add or remove tasks to pull output JARs from (additionalTasks/ignoredTasks, also please consider opening a PR if you use these)
  • Add or remove JAR files to optimize (additionalJars/ignoredJars)
  • Disable overwriting the original artifacts (keepOriginal)

To locate tasks that can be added, use the dumpTasksWithOutputJars task, that will automatically list any tasks with output JARs.

Supported 3rd party plugins

This is a list of currently supported 3rd party plugins that Machete can automatically optimize the output of. Please see KnownGoodTasks.kt for this support. If you are using a plugin that doesn’t specify its output artifacts, I’m sorry, but I can’t add support, please consider poking the developer about using proper gradle plugin development techniques.


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