WynnLib is a Fabric mod that aims to provide data-related functionalities for the server Wynncraft. The mod inherits from the mod WynnInvManager (WIM), but comes up with a better framework design and supports newer Minecraft versions. As an open-source project, the contribution is welcome.

Feel free to use the mod as a data library of your own mod.

Planned Improvements:

  • Handbook UI rework
  • Data structure rework

Planned New Features:

  • Translatable language support
  • New Wynncraft 2.0 content support (e.g. ability tree)


  • Equipment Dictionary (Base)
  • Handbook Tab-switching
  • Dictionary item name filter
  • Advance Search Panel
  • Ingredient Dictionary

Development Guide

The current main development branch is 1.18, please work on this branch to add new features. In addition, please join the Discord channel TmW4mB8 and say what features you are trying to add before doing it.


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