Toki is a Paper fork which has built in Fabric loader.

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Highly WIP. For now it launches without errors, but there is no remapping from spigot to intermediary/obfuscated, it means that none of exisitng mods work on it, implementation / fixes soon!

Reasons, purpose and policy

The reasons why it exists are:

  1. To allow easy mixin / mod development on CraftBukkit based platforms for developers who want to do it.
  2. (Higly experimental, generally not supported) To allow some already existing fabric mods to run on a CraftBukkit based platform.

TODOs / Plans

  • Remapping of patched Paper server to whatever fabric uses at runtime to theoretically allow some mods to work.
  • Gradle plugin to allow mod development with Toki.
  • Include Paper Plugins PR and allow plugins depend on fabric mods using paper-plugin.yml.
  • Make Bukkit API flexible enough to handle modded content. (Using Converters / EnumCreators from Registry PR)


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