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A DropDownMenu with the advantage of all the dropDownMenus

A DropDownMenu with the advantage of all the dropDownMenus

This is a DropDownMenu with the advantage of all the dropDownMenus by others before, I have written it for several times, Now the code is most clearly.


  1. use Adapter to add the SubDropDownMenu. Override the getView() method to supply the wantted view.
  2. use Generic to make all kinds of model(pojo,javabean...) can be used.
  3. use FilterCheckedView which implements Checkable, so you can use selector to respond to all user action.
  4. use FilterUrl to save the current choosen data, only override toString() you will get the url.



the xml:


        android:id="@id/mFilterContentView" //mFilterContentView must be add into the view.the view can be a RecyclerView or others.
        android:textSize="22sp" />

the JavaCode:

//set the Adapter.
dropDownView.setMenuAdapter(new DropMenuAdapter(this, titleList));

the DropMenuAdapter:

public int getMenuCount() {
    return titles.length;

public String getMenuTitle(int position) {
    return titles[position];

public int getBottomMargin(int position) {
    return 0;

public View getView(int position, FrameLayout parentContainer) {
    return createSingleListView();

add a SingleListView:

private View createSingleListView() {

    SingleListView<String> singleListView = new SingleListView<String>(mContext)
            .adapter(new SimpleTextAdapter<String>(null, mContext) {
                public String provideText(String string) {
                    return string;
            .onItemClick(new OnFilterItemClickListener<String>() {
                public void onItemClick(String item) {
                    FilterUrl.instance().singleListPosition = item;

                    FilterUrl.instance().position = 0;
                    FilterUrl.instance().positionTitle = item;

                    if (onFilterDoneListener != null) {
                        onFilterDoneListener.onFilterDone(0, "", "");
    singleListView.setList(list, -1);//默认不选中