Compose Material Context Menus

Implementation of context (right-click) menus for Compose Mutliplatform.


This library is built on top of Compose Multiplatform’s context menu API as an alternate ContextMenuRepresentation. In addition to Compose’s functionality, this library adds:

  • Customizable theming, by default compliant with Material 2/3 menus
  • Material menu items with icons, enabled/disabled states, and keyboard shortcuts
  • Dividers
  • Nested sub-menus (see known issues)
  • Custom @Composable item content
  • Scroll bars when menu is larger than the window
  • Context menus in overflow (triple-dot) buttons

This repository includes a simple demo application to play with the library. Run with ./gradlew :demo:run.

Known issues

  • Important: Menus are immediately closed if a menu group item is clicked. I don’t recommend using groups until this issue is fixed.
  • Dropdown height extends slightly beyond the window size if the menu is larger than the window.


Add the dependency to your project (ensuring that the mavenCentral() repository is included):


See the :demo project in this repository for usage examples.


Supply a MaterialContextMenuRepresentation as the LocalContextMenuRepresentation at the root of your application’s composition:

// apply the MaterialTheme first to use its colors in the MaterialContextMenuRepresentation
MaterialTheme(colors = colors) {
        LocalContextMenuRepresentation provides MaterialContextMenuRepresentation(),
        // optional: use Material text field context menu items, with icons and keyboard shortcuts
        LocalTextContextMenu provides MaterialTextContextMenu,
    ) {
        // application content

Styling (dimensions, colors, etc) of the menus can be customized by providing measurements, colors, etc to MaterialContextMenuRepresentation().

Context menus are created as in the context menu API, i.e. with a ContextMenuArea() wrapping the right-clickable content.

Item types

In addition to the standard ContextMenuItem, this library adds:

  • MaterialContextMenuItem: an augmented menu item with optional enabled state and leadingIcon/trailingIcon

    • Icons are provided in the ContextMenuIcon interface, and support icons from Painter, resource path, ImageVector, or ImageBitmap
    • Icons may also be any generic @Composable content or a list of ContextMenuShortcuts representing keyboard shortcuts
  • ContextMenuGroup: a group of menu items, displayed as a nested menu on hover
  • ContextMenuDivider: a divider line between items
  • CustomContentContextMenuItem: a menu item with custom @Composable content, with standard styling (clickable, etc) applied
  • GenericContextMenuItem: a menu item with custom @Composable content and no standard styling applied

Overflow button

To show context menus with a left-click on an overflow button, this library also provides a standalone ContextMenuOverflowButton() composable.


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