A decompiler for Minecraft Forge mods

Wrote 100% in kotlin (dependencies were not)

Setup Guide

  1. Download jar from releases tab and run it
  2. “mappings” folder has been created
  3. Download mcp mappings corresponding to Forge Mod Version (you can get them here:
  4. Extract them to mappings folder make sure that directory extracted looks like here: MAPPING DIR
  5. Rerun it
  6. Click browse button and select Mod that you want to decompile (make sure that you have permission from mod author) BROWSE BUTTON
  7. Select mappings that you downloaded (for example: mcp_stable-12-1.7.10) SELECT MAPPINGS
  8. Select decompiler of your choice (CFR, PROCYON, FERNFLOWER) SELECT DECOMPILER
  9. Click Start button CLICK START BUTTON
  10. FMD will map SRG => MCP in forge mod and decompile it, source code of mod should be available in Sources directory, decompilers aren’t perfect and there could be errors in source code that you will need to fix


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