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As most of GPS spoof app not working anymore coz some are old and some are not proper implement with current OS so i made myself a GPS setter which called GPS Setter it will help you set location where you want from malicious app coz some bad apps collect user location for advertisement purpose or other purpose…. who knows?? so in such case this app will work like charm for prevent current location## . Its still in beta stage coz its still have some bugs which will be fixed in upcoming updates.


The Author and Contributors of Gps Setter take no responsibility for any loss of data or damage to your device or any other consequences that arise as a result of using this application Use it your own Risk.


This Module will Support Android 8.1 +


-> Spoof gps location.

-> Beautiful Material Design UI

-> Add Favorite Place


-> Rooted Device

-> Xposed Framework Installed (Lsposed or Edxposed)


Coding and supporting this project costs me a lot of my precious time. If you find this project useful, you are more than welcome to support its development via giving donation it will boost me .Thanks!

BTC :- 12eai5UkUtBe1gzNYvBvjTNTDvqVBFbQzy

Component Use :-

-> Hilt

-> Room DataBase

-> ViewModel

-> MVVM Architecture


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