Clouddy – Weather App


Daily Weather Forecast App built with Jetpack Compose

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About the app

  • The main goal to make this app was to learn the basics of Jetpack Compose along with other architecture components like Navigation, Dagger-Hilt and Retrofit.
  • The app uses OpenWeatherMap One Call API to fetch current, hourly, and daily(7 days) weather updates.


  • The app uses MVVM [Model-View-ViewModel] architecture to have a unidirectional flow of data, separation of concern, testability, and a lot more.


  • Design for the app is inspired from Furkansin.
  • Weather icons are taken from Icons8 under its free-tier subscription.

About Jetpack Compose

  • Jetpack Compose is a modern Android UI toolkit introduced by Google.
  • It simplifies the app development process and speeds it up.
  • With Jetpack Compose, you can write less code compared to the current view building approach – which also means less potential bugs.
  • There is one more great thing about it – it uses Kotlin.
  • Compose is not fully bug-free at the moment but has great support and is surely the next big thing in Native Android Development.
  • You can learn more about Compose here: Compose Codelabs by Google

Libraries and tools ?

  • Jetpack Compose
  • Navigation
  • ViewModel
  • Dagger-Hilt
  • Material Icons
  • State Management
  • Coroutines
  • Retrofit
  • OkHttp
  • Timber
  • Kotlinx Datetime
  • Contributing

    Contributions are what make the open source community such an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

    If you have a suggestion that would make this better, please fork the repo and create a pull request. You can also simply open an issue with the tag “enhancement” or “feature”.
    Don’t forget to give the project a star!

    1. Fork the Project
    2. Create your Feature Branch (git checkout -b feature/AmazingFeature)
    3. Commit your Changes (git commit -m 'Add some AmazingFeature')
    4. Push to the Branch (git push origin feature/AmazingFeature)
    5. Open a Pull Request


    This application is released under MIT License for fair use (see License).


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