Utilizes the Range HTTP header to download a file with multiple connections in parallel, bypassing cheap bandwidth throttling

The in parallel running workers are lightweight coroutines built on ktor's HttpClient and coroutine wrappers around java.nio


  • Server must support the Range header
  • Server side throttling must be on a per-connection-basis, not IP address


Usage: ard [options...] url [file]
    url -> URL of file to download { String }
    file -> Path of the output file (optional) { String }
    --workers, -w [10] -> Number of async workers { Int }
    --delay, -d [1] -> Delay between opening requests in seconds { Int }
    --help, -h -> Usage info

If a filehost for example only allowed free-tier users to download at 1MB/s but your bandwidth allows for 10MB/s, you'd use 10 workers


  • No error handling whatsoever at this time, should at least care for response codes
  • Adding options for custom headers, cookies, or even auth
  • Proxy support to bypass IP based throttling