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  • install


  • Plugin effect

    • Take a look at the effect diagram used by the plugin. The style refers to the fish_redux plugin style.
    • There are some optional functions, so make it into a multi-button style, you can operate according to your own needs


  • Support to modify suffix


  • Alt + Enter : GetBuilder、GetBuilder(Auto Dispose)、Obx、GetX



  • Enter the getx prefix



  • Model: Generate the GetX model

    • Default: Default mode, three files are generated: state, logic, view
    • Easy: Simple mode, two files are generated: logic, view
  • Function: Function selection

    • useFolder: Use a file, a folder will be generated after selection, and the big hump name will be automatically converted to: lowercase + underscore
  • usePrefix: Use the prefix, add the prefix before the generated file, the prefix is: Big Camel Name is automatically converted to: lowercase + underscore

  • autoDispose: If you find that a page cannot automatically recycle GetxController, you can turn on this function, refer to How to automatically recycle GetXController; under normal circumstances, there is no need to turn on this function

  • addLifecycle: Automatically add the life cycle callback method in GetXController, and enable it on demand

  • addBinding: automatically add binding files

    • If you know what binding is, it is recommended to enable this function
    • If you don’t understand the concept and function of binding, it is not recommended to turn it on; not using binding will not affect development
  • Module Name: The name of the module, please use the big camel case as much as possible; capitalize the first letter


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