Alibi keeps recording in the background and saves the last 30 minutes at your request. Everything is completely configurable. No internet connection required.


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Supporting Alibi

You can support Alibi in various ways:

Contribute to the project

Add a new feature or fix bugs.

Add translations

Translate Alibi into your language so that other people can use it more easily.


It might sound crazy, but if you would just donate 1$, it would totally mean to world to me, since it’s a really small amount and if everyone did that, I can totally focus on Alibi and my other open source projects. ?

You can donate via:

  • GitHub Sponsors
  • Bitcoin: bc1qw054829yj8e2u8glxnfcg3w22dkek577mjt5x6
  • Monero: 83dm5wyuckG4aPbuMREHCEgLNwVn5i7963SKBhECaA7Ueb7DKBTy639R3QfMtb3DsFHMp8u6WGiCFgbdRDBBcz5sLduUtm8


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