Shortly Android App

This is an android application written in ‘KOTLIN’ that lets you :

  • Shorten long urls.
  • Keep history of all the urls being converted.

Unit Tests

  • test cases included with fake remote repository to test :
  • the underlying logic for calling the shorten url API

Instrumentation Tests

  • Complete database tests written with in memory database to test all the use cases.


  • Easily extendable
  • Clean UI and code
  • Repository pattern

Further improvements

  • Using jetpack compose for UI
  • Adding UI tests along with other tests


This app uses a number of open source projects Libraries and frameworks:

  • [Kotlin] – written in kotlin
  • [SOLID] – Use of Solid Design principles
  • [Repository pattern] – Use of repository pattern for data storage and retrieval
  • [View Model]
  • [Coroutine Flows] – for async programming framework


Designed and developed by :

Tahir Raza [email protected] Skype: smtrz110 Profile: More about me :


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