Flight Trail

Track and book airport flights effortlessly.

This is a practice app created using exercises from the Google Android Developer website. It showcases the use of Jetpack Compose tools and libraries to build a production-ready application. Details on the exercise can be found here.

App Details

  1. Runs on Android 7.0 and up
  2. Clean & Aesthetic UI
  3. Search flights from airports
  4. Bookmark flights you’re interested in

Libraries Used

  1. RoomDB
  2. Dagger Hilt
  3. Navigation Compose
  4. Preferences Datastore
  5. KSP and Kapt
  6. Splash API

Trying out the app

You can currently try out the app by downloading the source code and opening the project in Android Studio. You can also report any bugs and if you have the skills, open pull requests for contributions, they’re very much welcome.


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