Topology API is an API to provide the functionality to access, manage and store device topologies.


Used Kotlin : Kotlin is a modern, statically-typed programming language that features both object-oriented and functional programming constructs


  1. Read a topology from a given JSON file and store it in the memory.
  2. Write a given topology from the memory to a JSON file.
  3. Query about which topologies are currently in the memory.
  4. Delete a given topology from memory.
  5. Query about which devices are in a given topology.
  6. Query about which devices are connected to a given netlist node in a given topology


  • Kotlin
  • Intelj IDE
  • Maven
  • Junit for unit testing
  • Json simple to parse json files to json objects


Design is done using object orinted programming all tests passed and achived

  • Topology class represent topology in the memory
  • Device is the parentclass and resistor & nmos child classes
  • nmos and resistor classes holds write and convert json functions
  • Device specs present devices specs

Run project

First, clone the repo:

git clone [email protected]:amrhossamdev/Topology-Api.git

Run project in intellj

open -> and import the project then select maven


Done using junit testing You can test all functionalities in test folders -> then open TopologyApiTest

Unit tests

Testing passed

Unit tests


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