Timer is a simple application helping you to track different moments of your day. If you have no idea in which activities you spend more time or if you want to detect if you spend to much time in an activity which is not a priority, this application can help you to reorganize your daily !

Android application (written in Kotlin) to track the time you spend on some activities during your day, in order to detect where you spend time and where you lost time to maximize your daily productivity.

Development goal

This application is my playground to test what I learned in Kotlin.

It's also an app which can help me to be more productive by finding when I loose time during the day
and fix this. If I can help other people with this application, to fix their time problems too,
I would be very happy ! =)

The future

This is a list of future features which will come in the application :

  • Pomodoro timer which schedule 25 min of work and after 5 min of pause.
  • Possibility to manually add an action already done.
  • List of order activities in the day.
  • Curves to track your behavior during a day.
  • Add widget to the home screen to manage timers more easily.
  • Android Wear support to use this application more easily.
  • Several animations to improve user experience.