The UI Library of Components used by the app Wall Mind



Incorporate WmFavouritePill

In your Composable function, simply call the WmFavouritePill function and provide the required parameters:

  • wmWallpaper: An instance of WmWallpaper that contains the current favorite state. You can create an instance with WmWallpaper(isFavorite = false).

  • onFavouriteClicked: A lambda function that will be called when the favorite button is clicked. You can handle your logic inside this function.

Here’s an example of how to incorporate the WmFavouritePill Composable:

fun MyScreen() {
    // Your existing code...

        wmWallpaper = WmWallpaper(isFavorite = false),
        onFavouriteClicked = { wallpaperKey ->
            // Handle favorite button click logic here
            // Maybe update your data model or perform an action

    // Your existing code...

And that’s it! You now have a beautiful favorite icon that flips and changes color with state changes.

Additional Notes

  • The favorite state is managed by the isFavourite variable inside the Composable function. You don’t need to worry about managing the state externally.

  • The icon used for the favorite button is determined by the R.drawable.heart and R.drawable.heart_outline resources. Make sure you have these drawable resources in your project.

  • Feel free to modify the padding and shape parameters to suit your UI design.

  • Remember to have fun with your users! Maybe you could consider displaying a little message like “Your users will fall in love with this feature!” after they click the favorite button. ?


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