RuneTopic Game Server


The RuneTopic game server implementation that hosts and processes a game world.

Setup Guide

You can host a game server with Docker or with your local machine.

Before continuing, download a game cache and place it inside “/HOMEDIRECTORY/REVISION/” where “HOMEDIRECTORY” is your Operating System
user home directory and “REVISION” is the revision of the client you are targeting.


/John Appleseed/647/

Hosting With Docker

Please follow this guide to setup Docker Compose.

Once Docker Compose is setup on your machine, clone the repository and run the following commands in terminal.

Note: Make sure to build using Gradle before attempting to host.

docker-compose build

docker-compose up

Hosting With Local Machine

When hosting on your local machine, you must set an environment variable to specify the host address the game server is to bind to.

After cloning the repository, edit the run configuration of the Gradle “run” task and add the following environment variable.


Then launch the application with the task.


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