SIM Number Setter

SIM Number Setter is a small Xposed module that invokes normally unused Android System code to set
the “subscriber number” on the device’s SIM card. This is the number displayed in the system
settings, and used in apps such as Google Messages, as well as being available to third party apps
with sufficient permissions.

The number is not always set by carriers (leaving “Unknown”), or can be lost or invalid after
porting a number to a different SIM.

This small app allows you to fix it, permanently, using a rooted device with Xposed.

If you don’t have a rooted device, or don’t want to root your main device, you may wish to
consider rooting an old device, and temporarily putting your SIM into that device, using this app,
and then putting it back in your main device – the fixed number will travel with it

Important Notice

Changing the SIM number is semi-permanent: the number change will survive reboots, uninstalling this
app, even switching the SIM to a different device, but can be changed again at any time using this

SIM Number Setter does NOT:

  • Change your actual phone number, no matter what you enter. You must contact your carrier if you wish to port your number or switch network.
  • Unblock a network blocked SIM.
  • Give you free data or calls.
  • Change your IMEI.

SIM Number Setter uses the built-in Android methods to write data to the SIM.
The app nor the developer are not responsible for issues with the process, including any damage to
the SIM or network issues.




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