This repository stores the code for the open-sourced donation app that we built for the [Andronix App](


What Tech has been used?

This app tries to combine all the latest Android tech that you can possibly think of. Here’s the list-

  1. Kotlin Coroutines
  2. Kotlin StateFlow
  3. Kotlin SharedFlow
  4. Jetpack Preferences Datastore;
  5. Single-Activity Principle
  6. Jetpack Navigation Component
  7. Jetpack Android Hilt (replaced Dagger 2.0)
  8. MVVM architecture
  9. Fragment, ViewModel and Repository approach with dependency injection
  10. Integration with the latest Google Play Billing libraries

What in the future?

Here’s is the To-Do list that we will try to complete in the coming months-

  • Extract the billing integration into a separate library. Since we are using the latest tech with our billing integration (Kotlin Flow, StateFlow, state management using Kotlin sealed classes with SharedFlow, coroutines, etc.) we think that it will be beneficial for other people to just integrate it all together with a library.
  • Improve the UI. The UI was the app is based off of the design of the Andronix app version 6.0. We will improve the UI as we work on the main app.


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