Thaumcraft 4 research table tweaks

This mod brings a reworked research table GUI.

new UI


Tutorial and research pages where expanded to include explanations on new features.

All added features are showcased in video format:

Aspect pallets

Aspects pallets are now placed on both sides of the research table.
They split between pallets based on their affinities to order and entropy.
Sorting is based of aspect complexity (products are always below components).

Aspect combination

Aspect combination area was replaced by drag & drop.
You can also combine aspects while dragging by right-clicking, this way you don’t stop dragging.
This also can be used when doing research to place same aspect in multiple hexes.

Aspect batch combination

It is gated behind research expertise and allows combining aspects up to 10 at a time.
To perform it hold ctrl while combining aspects.
You can also do the same with auto combination unlocked in research mastery.

Research duplication

Copy button is active only when all required components present (aspects, paper, ink).

Nice to have

  • Configurable bonus aspect particle (change size/turn off)
  • Batch aspect combination in one packet (see PacketAspectCombinationToServer)
  • Stable aspect layout (aspect is always in same position, even if this means having gaps)
  • Old style combine section between scribbling tools and copy button


  1. Must:
  • Add CI/CD
  • Fix asm trying to parse Forgelin zips and failing
  • Check licensing
  1. Nice to have:
  • Testing


To run client with specific username set it in PLAYER_USER_NAME environment variable.


Thanks go to:

  • Think for texturing my rough ui sketch
  • TimeConqueror and GTNH dev’s for helping out on technical part
  • Azanor for his amazing mod