Technologies Used

  • Kotlin, Firebase (authentication), Room ORM (database)

About the Project

This was the main project of a Mobile Computing course where we had to create an Android app using Kotlin, Firebase authentication, and SQLite
(in this case the Room ORM) for the database. The basic app idea was to create an app where the user can log in to view a list and
it’s details (Master-Detail UI interface). I am a huge fan of horror movies so I decided to create an app where the users can add horror movie
reviews to a list, edit details if necessary, and delete any entries. Using Firebase, there are two log-in options: either a user registers and uses their
registration email and password to log in or a user can use Google sign-in for a quicker login experience.


Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 3 48 49 PM

Terror Cellar Registration

Terror Cellar Forgot Password

Terror Cellar Google Login

Terror Cellar Landing Page

Terror Cellar Details Page

Terror Cellar Add:Edit


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