Compose Stacked Snackbar ?️

Stacked Snackbar for Compose Multiplatform (Android, iOS and Desktop). This library has built-in basic snackbar type (error, warning, success and info) and also able to accept custom composable snackbar

Interaction and Animation

Compose Stacked Snackbar support swipe left or right interaction to dismiss the snackbar

Interaction Animation Type : Bounce Animation Type : Slide


  • Built-in basic snackbar type for error, warning, info and success
  • Support custom composable snackbar
  • Swipe left or right to dismiss
  • Built-in bounce and slide animation
  • Support custom snackbar action
  • Auto dismiss with duration (short and long duration)
  • Support max stack configuration
  • Easy to use and easy to migrate from default compose snackbar

Usage Comparison with Default Compose Snackbar

Deafult Compose Snackbar Compose Stacked Snackbar
carbon (33) carbon (32)

There is no need to add/manage coroutine scopes to launch compose stacked snackbar, because compose stacked snackbar already has internal coroutine scopes.


Compose Multiplatform



Basic Usage

val stackedSnackbarHostState = rememberStackedSnackbarHostState()

  snackbarHost = { StackedSnackbarHost(hostState = stackedSnackbarHostState)  }
  Button(onClick = {
    stackedSnackbarHostState.showInfoSnackbar("Info Snackbar")
    Text("Click Me!")

Snackbar Configuration

val stackedSnackbarHostState = rememberStackedSnackbarHostState(
  maxStack = 5,
  animation = StackedSnackbarAnimation.Slide

Snackbar Type

stackedSnackbarHostState.showInfoSnackbar("Info Snackbar")

stackedSnackbarHostState.showWarningSnackbar("Warning Snackbar")

stackedSnackbarHostState.showErrorSnackbar("Error Snackbar")

stackedSnackbarHostState.showSuccessSnackbar("Success Snackbar")

stackedSnackbarHostState.showCustomSnackbar(content = { dismiss ->
  Row {
    Text("Custom Snackbar")
    Image(painterResource = "close.xml", modifier = Modifier.clickable { dismiss.invoke() })

Built-In Snackbar Parameter

  title = "Info Snackbar",
  description = "Description of Info Snackbar",
  actionLabel = "Go To Settings",
  action = {
    println("Action snackbar clicked")
  duration = StackedSnackbarDuration.Short

Note : Auto dismiss duration (StackedSnackbarDuration.Short and StackedSnackbarDuration.Long) only works if there is only 1 stacked snackbar, if there are more than 1 stacked snackbar, auto dismiss duration will be disable.


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