Costs are not the only variable when it comes to organizing events. Split whatever you want with SplitMATE, create voting polls, check items & tasks, estimate individual costs, everything in real-time, and of course, do not let the fun goes away.


  1. Create events and invite friends to help split the tasks.
  2. Include items that will be necessary to accomplish the event.
  3. Track costs, quantities, and much more.
  4. Create live voting polls.
  5. Easily estimate costs with the preview visualization.

Othe features

  • Easy toggle between light and dark modes.
  • Economic mode helps you to save your data and allows you to use the app without an Internet connection.
  • Real-time update views. See changes as your friends use the app.

The UI

Here it goes some screenshots from our mate app.

1. Sign In / Home / Event Detail

SplitMATE has a cloud API that is responsible for centralizing the data and business logic.
It is possible to work offline as the data is also synchronized locally.

SS 1 Light
SS 1 Dark

2. Item/Task List / Main Menu / Member List

We optimized the way data is refreshed. Our real-time sync solution provides a smoother transition with little network bottleneck.

SS 2 Light
SS 2 Dark

3. Settings / Account Detail / Voting Poll

Set your app settings as you go. Check your account plan and participate in voting polls created by you or other event members.

SS 3 Light
SS 3 Dark