Text Tiles is an Android App word game. It was created and designed for the purpose of learning Kotlin, Android Studio, and app design. In the game, you will be provided a board of letters that you can proceed to slide around to try and create as many words as you can in a given time limit. Different features present in the project include unique tile designs, sound/audio, seeds for specific tiles allowing for daily challenges, and more.

How to use

Text Tiles works just like a normal Android App. When downloaded onto your phone or emulator, you can click begin to start your game. A random board of tiles will be generated which you can then manipulate to form as many words as you can. Once your time is up, you will then be shown how many words you made and your score.

  • We have two different game modes to play. The first is Speed Mode that accumulates all the words
  • you made and gives a score at the end. The second is the _______ that will judge your board at the
  • end of the time and see how many words are on it, and give you a corresponding score.

Development Environment

We used Kotlin to create an Android app for this project.

  • Android Studio Chipmunk
  • Android Compile SDK/Target SDK 32
  • Min SDK 26
  • Kotlin JVM Target 1.8


  • Caleb Limb
  • David Doria
  • David Mumford
  • Jonathan Gunderson
  • Mark Howard
  • Mitchell Bower

Useful Websites

Future Work

  • More game modes
  • Online multiplayer functionality
  • Visual Effects


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