Yet Another skeleton loading library provides an easy way to show skeleton loading like Facebook or Alipay Automatically aiming performance and extensibility



How to include

   //check out the latest version at the download badge on the top
   implementation 'github.hotstu.autoskeleton:autoskeleton:1.0.0'


  • Extensibility

    AutoSkeleton is code in the 'Delegate pattern' that means it's not limited to a specific type of ViewGroup

    you can simply extend any ViewGroup to implement the skeleton loading ability by delegate some method to the SkeletonDelegate class

  • Better performance

    Unlike [ShimmerLayout][1] which traversal the view tree and draw all the child on a bitmap twice, AutoSkeleton does not call super.dispatchDraw(canvas).

  • custom drawing

    AutoSkeleton is designed as a loose developers have the full control of the drawing steps such as

    • control the traversal view tree depth
    • Exclude some views by view depth & view properties
    • custom animation
  • Kotlin

    AutoSkeleton is written in pure kotlin except some java code to show interoperability with java

  • Preview in android studio

    You can see the preview in layout editor directly in android studio