? QNode

QNode is a single-file Kotlin library which can construct, search, output tree structure.

  • Just copy and paste QNode.kt into your project
  • You can freely modify, redistribute or fork ? MIT license

How to use

fun main() {
    // first you have to make root node
    val root = QNode(0)

    val node1 = root add 1
    val node2 = root add 2
    val node3 = node2 add 3
    val node4 = node2 add 4
    val node5 = node4 add 5
    val node6 = node4 add 6
    val node7 = node2 add 7

    val unicodeTree = root.tree(color = QShColor.GREEN, style = QTreeStyle.UNICODE)


    val asciiTree = root.tree(color = QShColor.BLUE, style = QTreeStyle.ASCII)


    val depthFirstResult = root.descendantsList(QSearchAlgo.DepthFirst).toString()

    println("DepthFirst   : $depthFirstResult")   // [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]

    val breadthFirstResult = root.descendantsList(QSearchAlgo.BreadthFirst).toString()

    println("BreadthFirst : $breadthFirstResult") // [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 5, 6]

    // node can store anything
    val rootA = QNode("A")
    val nodeB = rootA add "B"
    val nodeC = nodeB add "C"
    val nodeD = nodeB add "D"
    val nodeE = nodeD add "E"
    val nodeF = nodeE add "F"
    val nodeG = nodeC add "G"

    val textTree = rootA.tree(color = QShColor.CYAN, style = QTreeStyle.UNICODE)


    // You can implement QNodeExI for more complicated situations.
    val yourDirectory = "./src-build"

    val fileTree = Paths.get("./src-build").qTree(2, color = QShColor.YELLOW, style = QTreeStyle.UNICODE)


See QNodeTest.kt for more code examples.

This test file is also single-file, self-contained and has a main function. You can copy and paste to your codebase and run it.


Refer to build.gradle.kts to directly check dependent libraries.

dependencies {

How did I create this library

In my own chaotic codebase, I created a program which automatically resolves dependencies at the method or property level, extracts necessary code elements, and automatically generates a compact self-contained single-file library.

It utilizes PSI to resolve dependencies for function calls and references to the classes.

My original repository is currently quite chaotic, so I decided to extract it little by little and publish some small libraries.

Also, I would like to prepare the original repository and publish it in the future.


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