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URL-Radio is an app with a minimalistic approach for listening to radio programs over the internet, which may not be to everyone’s liking. It has no radio station discovery feature.

URL-Radio only offers a very simple search option and it imports audio streaming links when you tap them in a web browser.

URL-Radio is free software. It is published under the MIT open source license.

Install URL Radio

You can install URL-Radio via Google Play!

Get it on Google Play

Or you can go and grab the latest APK on

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Frequent Questions

How can I add a radio station

There are three ways to add a radio station to URL Radio: Use Search, add playlist file address (M3U, PLS), enter a raw stream address. The last way will not support the update feature.

How does the update feature work?

The update feature will try to fetch the current stream address of a station as well as the updated name and station image. The feature will not work for stations added via a raw stream address, or for stations imported from URL Radio v3.

Where do the radio station search results come from?

URL Radio searches the radio-browser.info online database. You can help out the radio-browser.info community by adding the missing station to their database.

Which audio formats are supported?

URL Radio can play back streams encoded in MP3, AAC and Ogg/Opus. It also has experimental support for HLS streams.

Credits goes to @y20k



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