MAD Assignment-2

Title : Simple-Workout-App

Description : Simple Android App contains list workouts and keep track of progress based on workout

Build Project

  • Step-1:


  • Step-2:


  • Step-3:


  • Step-4(Here You can find .apk file):


Tools & Technologies / Dependencies

  1. Glide : To Display GIF Files.
  2. Lottie : To Display Animations.
  3. CircularProgressBar : To Display Track of progress in circular progress
  4. SQLiteDatabase : To Store Data of workouts,users and progress.
  5. SharedPreferences : To Store details of logged in user.
  6. ViewPager : To Display On-boarding screens.


Activity XML File Kotlin FIle Screenshot
Splash Screen XML KT
On-Boarding Screens XML KT combine_images (4)
Welcome Screen XML KT
Signup Screen XML KT
Signin Screen XML KT
Dashboard Screen XML KT
Workout Screen XML KT
Single Workout Screen XML KT


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