Simple to use swipe gestures for an Android RecyclerView.

1. Introduction

An easy to use and highly customizable implemenation of swipe gestures for an android RecyclerView.

  • Support for left and right swipes for any RecyclerView
  • Set Colours as background for each swipe direction
  • Set Icons for each swipe direction
  • Set texts in addition to icons

2. Planned

  • The Actions will be executed only when clicking on the coloured button, which will be schown when swiped, not directly after swiping.
  • More then one Action for each swipe direction (several buttons will be displayed)

3. Setup

3.1. Add JitPack to your Project


  • Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:
	allprojects {
		repositories {
			maven { url '' }
  • Add the dependencie
	dependencies {
	        implementation 'com.github.WilliBoelke:simple-recycler-view-swipe-gestures:v1.1'


  • Add the JitPack Repository to your pom.xml
  • Add the dependencie to your pom.xml

Or find other versions here:


3.2 Import SwipeGestureManager

In your Activity add

import SwipeGestures.SwipeGestureManager;

4. Usage

4.1 Implement the SwipeCallbackLeft and/or SwipeCallbackLeft:

In your activity implement the interfaces.

Here you put the code which will be executed when the recyycler item was swiped.

  private SwipeGestureManager.SwipeCallbackLeft leftCallback leftCallback = new SwipeCallbackLeft()
        public void onLeftSwipe(int position)
            // your code here 

4.2 Initialize 'SwipeGestureManager'in your activity :

 SwipeGestureManager recyclerAdapterSwipeGestures = new SwipeGestureManager(rightCallback, leftCallback);

If you just need one swipe gesture the just implement one of the interfaces and pass it:

SwipeGestureManager recyclerAdapterSwipeGestures = new SwipeGestureManager(rightCallback);

4.3 Set a colour:

Use the setter to set a colour:

recyclerAdapterSwipeGestures.setBackgroundColorLeft(new ColorDrawable(Color.RED));

You can set a different colour for the two directions.
The standard colours are RED and GREEN.


Blue Yellow
ColourBlue ColourYellow

4.4 Set Icons:

Optionally you can use icons for the swipe acions which will be displayed when the swpie is performed.

recyclerAdapterSwipeGestures.setIconRight(ContextCompat.getDrawable(this, R.drawable.your_icon));

That again works for both actions.
you also can change the size of the icons by using

Icon Icon
IconLeft IconRight
Small Small
SmallIconLeft SmallIconRight
Big Big
BigIconLeft BigIconRight

4.5 Text

You can set a text (insead or with and icon), the text can be customized by using the


Customize the text :

//Set text size

//Set text colour

Texts can also be customized seperatly by using the setters as follows:

//Set text size
recyclerAdapterSwipeGestures.setTextSize(60, 100

//Set text colour
recyclerAdapterSwipeGestures.setTextColor(Color.BLACK, Color.YELLOW);
Text Text
Right Text Small
RightText TextWithIcon
Text and icon color Only Text
TextAndIconColour TextNoIcon

4.6 Attach to the RechylerViewAdapter

You need to attach the swipe gestures to the RecyyclerView Adapter using a ItemTouchHelper

ItemTouchHelper itemTouchHelper = new ItemTouchHelper(recyclerAdapterSwipeGestures);

And thats it for now.
You can find an example implementation in the MainActivity