Physics in Kotlin

A simple physics simulator with ECS architecture (entity component system).


kotlin simulation 2d physics ecs entity component system

Entity & Components

An entity is basically a composition of components.

  • Shape (Interface) with a color
    • Circle (with a radius)
  • Collider of “merge” or “elastic” type and with a weight – used by collision system. If two objects has the same collider type they are either merged or bounce during a a collision
  • Destructor – if other objects collide with this one they disappear
  • GravitySource with a strength – pull other objects which have Velocity component available
  • Velocity – used by position system to change… the positon of an object
  • Position – the position of an object


A system changes the state of an entity. Implemented systems:

  • CollisionSystem (merges or make object bounce from each other after the collision)
  • DestructionSystem (remove objects)
  • GravitationalSystem (pull objects together)
  • PositionSystem (calculates posiotion for moving objects)



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